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Post Subject: 250 Albums!Posted by JANDL100 on: 10/4/2007
That's interesting Romy - I had not seen that website before.

250 recorded albums - I had no idea!   I have a lot of his work on CD, but nowhere near that many.

I have his Dvorak 8th symphony - very good, but perhaps a little fast.  I am playing it at the moment - Wow!! - the 1st mvt is so exciting!   I must look out for the Dvorak 9th.  I would imagine his 7th is fantastic, too - but I have never heard of a recording.

I have never seen a Beethoven 9th, and I am on the lookout for his work all the time.

I have a CD of Nanut conducting Vivaldi concertos with an 'authentic instrument' orchestra - very good also!

Did he ever make a bad or boring recording?  Maybe not!

I will go thru my collection and do a list later of all the Nanut recordings that I have.

Rgds, Jerry

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