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Post Subject: More Anton Nanut recommendationsPosted by JANDL100 on: 10/3/2007
Hi Romy and other Nanut thread followers!

Yes, the Mahler 6 is wonderful, I agree.

Nanut's Beethoven 7th symphony is the best I have ever heard.

His Bruckner 8th is the best I have ever heard - and I have nearly 40 recordings of the 8th on my CD shelves!   If I could only keep one of them, it would be Nanut's.

All of his Beethoven symphonies are wonderful, although I have never seen the 9th and I doubt that he recorded it.

He also has recordings of Mahler 1, 4 & 5.   They are all worth getting.   His Song of the Earth is not so good, IMO, but I am not that keen on the music.

He really was one of the world's great conductors.

Have fun searching for Nanut recordings - there are lots of them!

Rgds, Jerry

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