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Post Subject: Who is that Anton Nanut and where the hell is Ljubliana SO!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/3/2007

I got the CD least night. Wow! The obscure Slovakian orchestra and THAT play of Mahler 6th?! Jerry, how did you even find it!!!

It was truly wonderful, I was listening it and was wondering when they “slip” but they did not. Playing Mahler 6th orchestras frequently are loosing them in the pay, diving into overly-staged drama or into overly-dancing presentation or into overly-expressive bombasticism. The Nanut’s orchestra did it all during different episodes but in a very moderate and in a perfectly balanced way. That gives very-very pleasant feeling from their play – it was very intelligently balanced all together with all necessary quanta of the Mahleria….

The Nanut’s Mahler Six  perhaps does not have that stunning “textured” tone of Karajan with Berlin, it has no “contemporary” bold touch of the Sanderling with Leningrad Philharmonic, it has no classicism glory of Horenstein with Stockholm Philharmonic and it certainly it has no psychedelic hypnosis of my beloved Barbirolli and Philharmonia. The Nanut’s Mahler rather has all those little bits of greatness as glitter spared all across the symphony - very interesting feeling indeed.

I did not listen the Nanut with Ljubliana performance on my “big” playback (it will show off much more) but the initial play of the recording on my table radios was EXTREMELY pleasant.

What else Anton Nanut did interesting? Now I what it!
Rgs, Romy the Cat

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