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Post Subject: Bruckner 7ths- my all & my favesPosted by JANDL100 on: 9/27/2007

My first post here!

I'm a big fan of Bruckner, too.  I have a few different recordings of the 7th - In reverse alphabetical order, cos that's the way they're piled up now I've taken them off my CD shelves! ....

Tintner, Muhai Tang, Suitner, Solti, Kurt Sanderling, Matacic (Cz PO 1967), Matacic (VSO, 1979), Matacic (Slovene PO, 1984), Konwitschny (1958), Karajan (BPO 1971), Karajan (DG, VPO 1990), Kabasta (1942), Eugen Jochum (1944), Jochum (Dresden 1980), Inbal, Haenchen, Guilini, Gielen, Furtwangler (1949), Colin Davis, Chailly, Bohm (VPO 1977), Barenboim (BPO), D'Avalos, Asahina (1975), Abbado

Let's see, that's 26 I think.

Possibly my favourites (in reverse alphabetical order!) are - Tintner, Sanderling, Matacic (67), Matacic (84 - cos it's his final recording!), Kabasta, Bohm, Barenboim & Asahina.

What a wonderful work!


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