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Post Subject: Directly heated triodes and AC filaments.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/23/2007

 Merlin wrote:
Directly heated triodes …. It has fully regulated power supplies and absolutely zero AC filament hum.

That bothers me tremendously is the half-ass approach of high-end products and the fact that for exuberant amount of money, that looks like should assure ambitions solutions and objective methods, the high-end companies still do not go all the way into what is possible of at least available for a premium high-end pay.

For instance everyone knows that DHT sound way more interesting if the filaments are AC driven. To drive them AC requires quite expensive super-precisely symmetric in capacitance and impedance domain transformers. So, Lamm made his ML3 SET with direct-heated GM70 but the amp has use DC in filaments. Sure, it makes the amp “secure” regarding the filament noise but… can something bold and ambitions implementation-wise could be asked form an amp with $125K price tag? If not to demand from those products the “high-end implementations” then from which products it should be asked?

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