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Post Subject: "...improvements at lower frequencies as well"Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/21/2007

Thanks, JJ.

I do not necessary feel that it should be any difference between the early Hal-O production and the new version – they are essentially are the same products with different descriptions.  For new dampers should be better only for large tube as the metal rings might be bend to straighten the tube’s grip. For the small tube the type of the griping ring is absolutely should not be relevant. So, sorry, I do not buy into the differences between the Teflon, Blackberry and UltraSonic rings. They can come up with any imaginary name combining the Greek Gods with cryogenics but it would not drive my tail….

The output tube is a different matter. I never use it and your post might be a good motivation to try it. It is kind of not really necessary for me as now since big tubes do not care HF signal anymore but I still would like to try it on my Injection Channel, the one that works full-range. Also, you say that is “improvements at lower frequencies as well”,  so why not….

The Cat

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