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Post Subject: The benefit of compression or the good compression.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/18/2007

 hagtech wrote:
Aw crap.  Does that mean I'm responsible for everything Bush does?

From historic perspective, yes we Americans are more responsible for what Bush does then Mozambiqueans for instance. A hundred years from now people will look at the today Americans with the same questions that we ask the Germans who lived in 1930-40s…

 hagtech wrote:
As far as compressors go, they are not inherently evil and can be implemented with a gentle touch, providing a somewhat necessary limitation of peak signal amplitude, especially for digital recordings.  I think it becomes a matter of intensity.  Exactly how much is too much?  In my opinion, the usage should be inaudible.  That is, like an experienced vocalist who knows when to stand back a little from the microphone.

That is very interesting subject: the benefits of the properly implemented compression. One of the shadows of compression is equalization of volumes. The acoustic output of harp is many times less then tuba and when we hear it live our awareness can accommodate that dynamic range. The recording equipment does it badly, so the volume of the harp is raised. It is not compression yet but from other perspective it the compression. Is it beneficial? It is hard to answer, particular for me - the person who do not record anything. I might only propose that a compression and volumes changes that used to overcome the limitations of recording media or the limitations of recording space might be acceptable if they were supervised by conductor or musicians. The musicians should know that their volume will be modified and should get a feeling how their recorded dynamic range will be fit in the dynamic range of other instruments and instrumental groups.

Still, there were phenomenal lustrations when people went in extremes to find the right microphones position and record juts with 2 microphones and without use of compression - some Pope Music recordings for instance and many others…

Another very interesting direction is the recently announced (I have post the link in past) German-made 28bit DAC capable to run the first in the world truly 24Bit. With it near 170dB dynamic range the DAC has no input sensitivity volume control as there is no acoustic devise in air that it capable to make the DAC to clip.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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