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Post Subject: The sound of cultsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/4/2007

 Paul S wrote:
Romy, I have for some time called this phenomenon the "necessary roughness", and one of the things I liked (loved, actually) about Cogent's main field coil was that it did this very well indeed over about 2 octaves; in fact, it was exemplary in this respect.  However, this was the only part of the spectrum/presentation worth a fig on the day I visited.

I do not know. I do not have Cogent's drivers and if I had them I would most likely use them differently. Cogent took their idea from old RCA systems when RCA, WE, Klangfilm, Tesla, Telefunken and few others build sound reinforcement systems for mono movies theaters. It was not particularly good sound in there, quite low level of demands and completely different design architecture…

 Wojtek wrote:
AFAIK Josh likes country and bluegrass music and in this context all your comments are meaningless.

Actually if it is the case then the Josh’s comments, actions or amplifiers at that mater are meaningless in context of Audio.

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