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Post Subject: Some new old stuffPosted by Paul S on: 9/4/2007
Romy said:
"I am talking about that “slippery sound” when sonic granularity goes all that way down (positive thing) but along with loosing granularity the transport for the ‘events delivering” is also diminishes (negative thing)."

Romy, I have for some time called this phenomenon the "necessary roughness", and one of the things I liked (loved, actually) about Cogent's main field coil was that it did this very well indeed over about 2 octaves; in fact, it was exemplary in this respect.  However, this was the only part of the spectrum/presentation worth a fig on the day I visited.

At that time they were using 300B amps, Wavelength, I think, and not bad at all within its topological limits, quite nice over the two good octaves with the simple music they chose to play.

It looks like they either remodeled or moved since I visited, or the installation shown is not at their house.

It also at least appears that they are still approaching things in the same way, conceptually.  This could well be a stab at a marketable iteration of what I heard a while back, minus the giant plywood resonator and plus a complex tweeter with questionable value in this application.

It seemed to me while I was there that they could probably sell as much of this stuff as they could crank out, although I certainly do not know the "vintage" market, where they are well connected, as far as I can tell.

Paul S

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