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Post Subject: Yes, the 6C33 is a capacitive bitch.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/1/2007

 cv wrote:
...yes, I remember. I wonder if it's due to the large (and varying with signal) capacitance of the 6C33 input interacting with the small coupling cap. Hopefully this will be less of an issue with the 6e5p/6p.

It is certainly a factor but I relay do not know is this factor has a direct relativity to the worsening of the sound that I experienced. I have written somewhere that I did dropped the value of the bias resistor on 6C33 and increased the compiling capacitor value but it had no effect. Eventually I figured out that can’t go lover then .8uF in there… which is VERY far form own capasitanse of the 6C33…

In case of the single stage amps I do not know what will happen. The tube (of much lover Miller capacitance) is further up but the values I use are in the filter 630pF and 1500pF are very small, though I less care bout the HF channel at this metter. Sine I have tremendous driving ability in my preamp with 8R output impedance I might consider drooping input impedance of my MF channel (E channel) and increase the capacitor values in the high-path filter. If it does not work I can always go with a cap at speaker level.

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