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Post Subject: More power from Melquiades? More powerful tube?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/1/2007

What would I do if I move to a much larger room and the power of Milq’s full 6C33C would not be enough? Surely it would be possible to go for transmission tubes but they all high plate impedance and high voltage.
If I parallel all my bass drivers and have around 1R load impedance then it will be a transformer with zillion turns… Also, I am not a big fun of the transmission tubes’ bass.

Adding more drivers in bass array look promising but not necessarily effective or practical. So, it would be interesting to find a high current tube that might be sitting in Milq’s bass channel socket. Since I so like the sound of 6C33C it would be worth to mention that the 6C33C has a bigger brother: 12C42C

The 12C42C was a next tube in the succession or 6C19C, 6C41C, 6C18C/6C33C. The 6C41C had one plate the 6C18C/6C33C were two plated and the 12C42C was simialr tube to the 6C33C but with 3 plates!!! It is not enough to be become purring – look at the 6C33C data:

Filaments: 12.6 and 5A
Anode voltage: 120V
Anode Current: 1A
Plate impedance: 65R
Maximum Anode dissipation -120W

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