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Post Subject: The Srajan’s splash… or his typical wet footprint…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/27/2007

Well, just I read the article I linked above – the sad writing – I have no idea why people write when they have absolutely nothing to say. What is written in there should be written by Abbingdon marketing personnel but not by a person who is trying to convince himself that he is an integrity-loaded audio critic (sound like an oxymoron, does it).  I would not mention even that spreading his entire BS in his article Srajan “forgot” to mention the biasing of the output stage… 

There is another interesting aspect to it. It would be nice if Srajan would stop his exposure of Abbingdon amp with that “nothing to say” article. As now it is very nicely looking amp.  I’m afraid that when Srajan will begin his typical “further convincing of the readers” then for a person with healthy perception it might create a reaction of revoltion…

Anyhow, there is one thing that made me uncomfortable in the Abbingdon article, and it has hardly to do with audio. Srajan wrote: “… AMR employs split teams in the UK and the Far East…” We all know what it means. If so, then why Abbingdon decided to write on their unit that it was “Designed and Engineered in Great Britain”? Do they feel uncomfortable and have needs to publicly fight with fact that Abbingdon an amp was made by global economy efforts? We, the people of 21 century are perfectly comfortable and perfectly aware that our electronics is made in Taiwan, Mexico, Hong-Kong and China. We all know that if their labor is properly supervise, organized and controlled then they do wonderful job, no better or worst then anyone else. So, what was the purpose to write on the peaces of audio where it was made? Who cares! Who cares particular if people know that the country -origin information will be a deception and misleading….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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