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Post Subject: “Easy come and easy go”- type of bass.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/14/2007

 cv wrote:
…..and I am not confident about the sonics….

What might be very interesting also is to learn what DC coupling in power amps would do generally in term of Sound.

The first time I thought about it was a few years back when Vladimir Lamm published in Russian magazine his observations about the negative influence of direct-coupling on bass. It’s very hard to pay attention to what Vladimir say as he is very conditioned and each his word is just an array of unfortunate deceptions that he sprays in order sell his equipment. Still, the concept is very interesting. Over the years I was paying attention to a few power amps that were direct-coupled and I might say that all those asps did have that OTL-type, “easy come and easy go”- type of bass, even all of then were use with bass-disabled speakers.

Surely, it is impossible to generalize anything based upon a few “un-methodological” implementations and I would not question negatively the direct coupling. I am sure the different implantations, different topologies and different power supplies would lead to the different direct-coupled results but the conceptual question that Lamm raised in that article was very interesting: is any fundamental damage to LF in a direct coupling between a driver and output stage.

I do not know it would be possible to model it “honestly” in context of Melquiades as in Milq the driver stage biased freakishly and it yields “different” sound according to totality unknown reasons. From a different perspective in Melquiades the grid’s current are very idiosyncratically dumped and it might open an opportunities to take advantage to direct couplings and he low-level current waves do not bounce from it’s bias power supply. Go figure…

BTW, it looks like Dima will in a few days will eventually give up and build his first Melquiades… Perhaps he will experiment with all of it…..

Rgs, The caT

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