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Post Subject: I have no explanation to this phenomena….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/14/2007

Yes, Chris, thanks.

I understand how it works, the same Newton Bias only on the other side of the driver’s tube. Dima have proposed something similar in past and last nigh we discussed with him what you suggested. He was planning to post his commentaries about it; I hope he will do it later on.

Besides all technical justifications and operation warnings that might or might not be applicable for this way of coupling (I will leave it for Dima to elaborate) there is one concern that I would bring in and that would be most likely missed from Dima’s view.

When I applied to Milq’s out tube the fixed bias voltage not as it done in Melquiades currently but from a negative gas tube (appropriately, via a separate cap and resistor) then the result was completely different then applying the gas dumper to the first tube. The voltage sourcing from the gas tube applied to the grid completely sucked out life from 6C33C and made the 6C33C to sound like I play basketball in a gym with the cotton floors… I have no explanation to this phenomena….

Still, I do not say that your Chris idea should not be tried on the 6C33C but it should be trued sonically-cautiously….

Rgs, Romy

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