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Post Subject: The smell of experimentations in air….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/13/2007

 Paul S wrote:
I have also been thinking of subbing electrolytics for the huge - up to 100 uF - caps in my speaker level crossovers, just to hear it for myself.  Although everyone says to use polys in the signal path, etc., I just wonder about all that mass, if nothing else, and what an alternative would sound like.  Elna also makes a new "computer-grade" hot-rod that looks nominally interesting, but I am not sure of the availability of 450V or even 250V in the sizes I would use.  They can't be any slower than the Solens...


if your speaker use large cap values then you would hardly fine anything better then get riding of those caps and run active basing: for bass applications it sounds extremely good at speakers level. The Solens that people love to use as the “non-electrolytic caps” in the crossover are notoriously bad caps.

In my case, where I do not need a huge value of capacitance I wonder if any other caps I might use, or perhaps to imply a different type of DB blocking (do not offer a transformer). I think it will lead to some experimentations….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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