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Post Subject: The capacitor as not only a capacitorPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/8/2007

 drdna wrote:
…… people forget that a circuit is a physical collection of dynamically interacting electromagnetic fields……

Isn’t it might a separate VERY large subject?

 drdna wrote:
The low level resolution is exquisite but this is at the expense of audio neutrality.  Some aspect of musicality is excluded to provide the fien resolution and we end up with very detailed sounds but somehow the music is lost.

Adrian, that was it! It is exactly why in many cases I am suspicious to hear from other audio people their comments about the “quality of sound” from various passive parts. The audio people do not look for “correctness” but rather for immediate quantifiable gain in mostly irrelevant characteristics (like resolution and etc). There are a number of products in market (including capacitors) that are made “just to impress” during evaluations. They are very bad products. I certainly, since I never used them do not say that V-caps are one of them….

There are other two very interesting subjects: how the caps “sound” in relation to:

Rgs, the Cat

PS: BTW, it would be very interesting if you try my 950 cubes… You might be very surprised.

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