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Post Subject: Vintage AN, anyone?Posted by Paul S on: 8/7/2007
Well written article, I think, and he is good enough to share right away that he is a "vintage" guy, and an AN guy, which helps me contextualize his observations, even though he does not reveal the nature of the $$$$$$ "ultimate horn speakers" (Decware???).

I have tried quite a few of these caps, not as bypass but in larger values, without bypassing them.

For one thing, I agree that the Mundorf Silver is very interesting, but it is also obviously too rich harmonically, like those "instrument-type"/Helmholz cabinets beloved by the Japanese and a vocal contingent of the French.  This Silver cap might well be fun to play with in certain settings; it is "unique", for sure.  I have different priorities as far as "rankings" of the other caps go, but I can't say I disagree entirely with his descriptions, per se, as far as they go.

I also use big black Solens myself, in crossovers, and I agree with his observations on these: slow.  For me, it's a matter of getting around the Solens at, say, 100 uF, without a 1' square pile of something else, along with the concommitment blobs of solder, etc...  Time and space work in Solen's favor.  BTW, Solen makes the "Mundorf" caps, too, FWIW.

He can keep the Russian Teflons, and any other Teflons that sound like a better version of the Russian Teflons.

So far, the $$$ co-mingled Cardas is the most "natural" cap I've tried in a location where the cap is so very audible.  We'll see how it holds up.

Adrian, please feel free to chime in about the V-Caps...

Best regards,
Paul S

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