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Post Subject: these are just caps, yes?Posted by drdna on: 8/6/2007

I tried the V-caps in my system and it changed the sound.  This is not a big surprise.  Any time you change caps, even to the same cap, it is not broken in and you have been soldering and tinkering with your system, and it needs time to settle a bit, I think.

It's not magic.

People spend so much time on capacitors because they are probably the weakest point in a circuit, as it is not just electrons flowing through metal.  Any time you can get toplogy where the electrons are just flowing through metal, I sounds better to me.  When you use a capacitor it is a lot like getting at the end of a long line at the grocery store and expecting that the clerk knows what items you have in your basket based on the collective murmurs of everyone else in line.

You have to think of the limitations of the design of a particular capacitor and where it is going to be placed in your particular circuit.

But you knew that.

Based on my studies, I would like to see tungsten capacitors made more available, but the cost (even a 0.05 mFd capacitor will cost about $500) is prohibitive.


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