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Post Subject: What is the buzz: the V-Caps?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/6/2007

Recently there is a lot of talk amond the audio hoodlums about the reported benefits of the V-Caps capacitors.

They have good press and good feedback from DIYer and manufactures, the web sites that sell them push the “right buttons” of the reader’s awareness… I was wondering if those caps are really good. I never used them personally.

We know that each few month there is new and new “revolutionary” part pop up on the market, those that are “the single greatest improvement “. We all fools look at this… try and… I’m sure all of us have a large box with “tried greatest improvement” that turned out to be just the “Sonic Paradise for Morons”. I certainly do not say that V-Caps are in the same boat – I just do not know…

Purely rationally, the ultra expensive V-Caps might not be necessary the greatest things of all. The V-Caps are tin foil caps but for the ultimate choice I would like to see cupper foil. The Teflon caps that I used in past were also not the greatest thing, in fact I did not like them at all. I presume that V-Caps might be different then the other Teflon caps…

However, what annoys me is the fact that the very same people who today drop saliva about V-Caps a few years back had expressed the same idiotically-exuberant behavior about the Black Gates capacitors, Hovland capacitors, the silver wires and the similar crap.  So, should I be informed or alarmed?

I do not mind to try V-Caps but what would I accept as a credible feedback for those who promote the advances of V-Caps? Continuing my other thread about meaningful Audio Critiques I would say that I personally would like to observe the LEVEL OF CRITICISM at which the V-Caps company (or their reviewers) would evaluate the accused imperfections of their competitors. I would like to see a list of clearly enumerated and clearly identified problems that other caps have and then a statement that V-Caps do not have the above mention problems. That would inform me that they are serious.

Otherwise I will be forced to read the enthusiastic feedback form Audio Morons™ who go all over themselves claiming that V-Caps made “each single instrument to sound separate from others… “.  That kind of “review” is making me worry…

Romy the Cat

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