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Post Subject: Better BSO performances committed to recordings.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/5/2007

Koussevitzky 1924-1949

Beethoven 2, 3, 5, Egmont
All Brahms
Mendelssohn 4
All Mozart
All Scriabin
All Shostakovich
All Prokofiev
All Sibelius
All Rachmaninoff
Tchaikovsky 4
Haydn # 94
Strauss  Don Juan
Liszt  Mephisto

Munch 1949-1973

Schubert  2, 8, 9
Ravel  Daphnis
Chausson Symphony
Saint Saens 3
Tchaikovsky with Szeryng
Bloch Cello with  Piatigorsky
Berlioz Harold in Italy
Brahms 2 and 4
Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Prokofiev Violin with Heifetz
Beethoven 3
Dvorak Cello with Piatigorsky
Elgar Serenade
Rachmaninoff 3 with Janis
Franck D Symphony
Mendelssohn Symphony
Debussy La Mer
Walton Cello with Piatigorsky
Berlioz Requiem and Fantastique

I hardly remeber anything good from Ozawa. The begging of his service with BSO was positive (reportedley) but I hardly can recall any recording that I know. The same is with Levine since he took the BSO.

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