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Post Subject: What are the odds of attending a great performance?Posted by Paul S on: 8/5/2007
I am sorry to say that I have sat through very few symphonic or opera performances in San Diego, even when the price of the seats made me feel bad about leaving, too.

I did hear what seemed at the time to be a wonderfully-inspired (if not technically topping) SD Opera performance of Orpheus in the Underworld while driving home from a family gathering quite late at night, ie, I was listening via my car radio.  I suppose I ought to look into getting a tape or CD from the radio station, although fatigue (and earlier intake of alcohol) might have factored into my perceptions at the time.

A while back, Romy asked if there was "insurance" available against a certain supposed-to-be-poor performance.

I have long considered and weighed the possible or even likely waste of time and money against the possible joy of immersion in something wonderful, or even something short of wonderful.
For many years I was an ardent and active supporter of community arts, and I paid the price; but these days, I am ashamed to say that I often choose more recordings in lieu of spending on local fare.

I have read all about recent generous gifts to the finally-better-than-solvent local Symphony; but so far the buzz has not become a roar in my circles, and, as Romy observed, there seem to be places that get more while paying far less.

I don't have answers; I just miss the old LA Philharmonic.


Best regards,
Paul S

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