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Post Subject: Facts vs. conceptual aberrations.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/4/2007

 Wojtek wrote:
say how much the old man is involved in all this cult and noise around him? I've also read all the poetic stuff on the site and can't say that this mystical aproach is not appealing. I had the impression that Sakuma just entertains himself making amps which suits his intellectual /spiritual needs and all the rest (cult following) is a result of general Japanese herd behavior weighing a little on the man itself (besides maybe making the restaurant more prosperous)

I did not have an impression that his restaurant was prosperous, quite opposite. However, in the rest your impression is in a way similar than the impression that I had. Sakuma himself is more interested than the rumors about Sakuma, or the “Sakuma’s wrapper”. I have written a about that a number of times at other sites. I felt that around Sakuma there are a group off people who has reason to create and support Sakuma- frenzy, and all that literature, adjectives and legends about Sakuma where the pure result of their labor.  Somebody made others to feel that Sakuma is a comet, a Christ or as Santa Claus.  I did not see it in Sakuma and I did not feel that he personally has needs for it, though I do not speak his language and our “conversations” were severely limited. He does what he does, but unfortunately, as in anything else in Audio, it is impossible to look seriously it what he actually does and how valid it is and as audio people do not deal this facts and results about Sakuma but rather are drooling looking at the comet’s tail…

I think it would be valid if Sakuma amps would make wider public appearance, or people build more amplifiers using Sakuma's principles. I know some people who built electronics based upon Sakuma's idea but they are religiously single-driver people with all following from it consequences… However, in the environment of “openness of audio critiques” I think all “poetry” and all existential mystery of Sakuma’s approach would not be necessary or applicable. If to have a more or less seriously performing acoustic system and drive it with Sakuma base electronics, and then, just sort educational purpose to put in that system something like Lamm ML2.0, then all “mysteries” about Sakuma would not be necessary. As in anything else: within luck of information and with inability of solutions and ideas to compete at open market create conceptual aberrations…

Rgs. Romy the Cat

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