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Post Subject: You are predictable as well.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/3/2007

 guy sergeant wrote:
After post #1 I was wondering how long it would be before post #5 appeared.  It did not take long!
I got the email with Sakuma’s film and posted it on my site. Are you blaming me that I am familiar with Sakuma’s subject?  Did you see or want to see me taking about the subjects that I am not familiar?

What is more important however, is how much you expressed on the Sakuma subject in your post #9? If in what Sakuma dose you see only me then you need to rectify it in your head.

Really, Guy, it is not the psychic-anonymous forum but audio forum and I wish you sooner understand that if you have nothing to say in context then there is not need for you to say anything. I really would like to keep it audio-centric and do not waste my time reading your off the base remarks and off the purpose commentaries.

I hope it will be the last post of this there where I would need to pollute theads with my replies like this.

The caT

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