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Post Subject: The literature about Sakuma and RealityPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/3/2007

 Markus wrote:
Or perhaps he simply likes it to sound that way? You pursue one sonic ideal, Mr Sakuma obviously pursues a different one. The sound level - does Sakuma play louder or softer than you? My guess would be softer.

Well, it would be very difficult to say about sound level as it was not the audio installation as we understand in a normal sense, were experiences might be correlated with sound level. It was like you go to a used record store, with it’s walls coved with shelves and an small pair of speakers hanging somewhere next to roof. They play music and it “sounds” but there are not audio quantifiable properties in the sound. BTW, I would not deny that type of Sound to be musical but I also would not look at this Sound as anything that worth audio attention.

The Sakuma’s Sound was exactly like that. Hes listening room was a small restaurant room (that was very cool) and his audio installation juts filling spots wherever was a free space from restaurant equipment. The speakers were some kind of manifestation of bi-amped Altec A7 sitting way in the very end of the room, reinforced with another lower midrange horn that was hanging ~5 meters away on left from that A7. Everything looked very settled and it looked as it was sitting there for years and years, there was actually no other space in the room for speakers. It did not sound right (audio-wise) to me and I do not think it has anything to do with sonic ideals. It was filling up the room with ambient sound that came from all directions (no surprise that Sakuma did not like Stereo). It was very gray sound to begin with (He used Denon 102 that I know very much and a consumer level cassette deck with very badly recorded tapes) and since the acoustic systems were deeply burden into the ambiance of the room it was even grayer that it might be expected. It was horribly uneven balanced with perhaps +10-12db in bass. I pointed it out to Sakuma (he did not speak English and I had no my interpreter with me that day) and he showed me to a cheap attenuator that hanged in the mid of his amps and at set balance between HF and LF gain. Sure, we adjusted the balance to make it more acceptable but it has not as much effect as it have to.

I do not say that I like or do not like the Sakuma’s Sound, I said that at the level how it was implements it was not what any Audio critiques might take please. I feel that Sakuma’s restaurant is a nice place to eat cooked salmon, heated from the 845’s anode but I do not feel that the way how Sound was presented was a sufficient environment to justify, assess or at list to understand the Sakuma’s design approach. So, I felt that all literature about Sakuma was just a literature and I did not see any even minute efforts to back up many calms that the literature made.

 guy sergeant wrote:
I suspect that Mr Sakuma might likewise not find much inspiration in your system Romy. I also have suspicions about the real motives for starting this thread but that's another issue!

And what my system has to do with it?!!! Whatever your suspicions are I hope it would be better if you understand the mater of subject instead of the premonitions of your psychoanalytic analyses of the subject.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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