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Post Subject: The Sakuma's flowing… Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/2/2007

 drdna wrote:
I wondered if Romy or anyone else has toyed with Sakuma's very interesting topological solutions.  I have followed this for a number of years but my circuit building skills are so poor I figured I would likely blow something up.

I would not call myself to be qualified to pontificate about the Sakuma's topologies. I know some people who like it, they might have iown reasons. Some of the Sakuma's followers take it to extreme, replacing all passive parts in circuits with chokes and transformers. Ironically they claim their amps as full-range amps…  I personaly,  with my limited topological personal experience, is not big supporter of Sakuma's ides and I feel that a full-range amp shell have one piece of magnetics. It might be different in DSET wold...

I personally a am a little cold to that Sakuma's craze. I visited Sakuma 7 year back, spend some time to listening his playback trying to understand what he was attempting to accomplish in Sound. Looking the level at which Sakuma’s attempts took place and the actual Sound that I heard I was not impressed. Therefore I do not have any special interest in  the Sakuma’s considerations and take with alittle grain of sarcasm the Sakuma's flowing…

Rgs, Romy

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