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Post Subject: THe Audio Critic MagazinePosted by MusicLover on: 1/10/2005

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HI Everyone,
My first post here!
I recently subscribed to the back issues of the audio critic. Very nice! I appreciate Peter Aczel's support of the consumer.
However, his writers claim vinyl is hopelessly behind digital, and that tube amplifiers are hopelessly behind solid state. Also, most good solid state will sound the same (in other words add no sound) under normal operating conditions (no clipping).

It seems that folks here, under the esteemed leadership of Romy, are strongly biased in favor of vinyl and tunbes Am i right? I wold love to hear your opinions.
THis is NOT a troll. I just want to know, scientifically, why vinyl is better, or tube amps are better in tmers of fidelity.


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