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Post Subject: L1/L2 & Police BreathalyzerPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 7/21/2007
" would be nice to see on your own how much foolishness was among what I’ have said about the L1/L2..."

Strange that I never saw this post comparing the L1 and L2... I have had both for quite some time.

Regarding the differences between the two : I find Romy's assessment absolutely accurate.

I will compare them again once the horns are done, which is taking longer than anticipated because I've been preparing a patent application in anticipation of setting up as an audio manufacturer... I've discovered that installing a police breathalyzer down stream of an L2 allows one to hear ONLY the breaths of Norah, Diana and of course Patricia (especially Patricia). Huge improvement in all three cases!

Reviewer's sample ready soon...


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