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Post Subject: Another brainless review: are they gone completely?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/21/2007

It is even hard to critique because it is beyond of being ignorant of stupid. The John E. Johnson’s review of Lamm L2 preamp in the “Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity”. Below are the fragments of the John E. Johnson’s pearls… Each quoted statement is wrong or juts plain idiotic:
However, there are two sets of outputs – balanced and single-ended. The designer, Vladimir Lamm, feels that this delivers the best fidelity.

"Because the voltage regulator has +350 volts on its plate, Lamm feels the L2 can reproduce the smallest detail. Essentially, because there is so much voltage available, the preamplifier can deliver high voltage transients with ease, even though the average output might only be 1 volt."

"The final design is the culmination of an entire career's experience with audiophile-quality components."

"See the imprint "Danger! High Voltage" in the power supply chassis? That is what makes this product able to deliver the fine detail in music of any type, to any power amplifier. The power amp does not see high voltage, but the muscle potential of the preamp means it can do, no matter what the capacitance of the interconnect."

"Norah Jones; Not Too Late, Blue Note, 0-946-3-74625-22:  Her breath as well as the notes she was singing were apparent."

"Bizet; Carmen, Telarc, SACD-60655: So many strings and every one of them was individually imaged. Again, bass was as tight as could be. Was that a triangle that I could hear clearly in the background while the orchestra played? Yup."

"Grieg; Suite from Peer Gynt: I was amazed at how crisp the percussion was with full orchestra blasting away.
Korsakov; Russian Easter Overture: In the midst of a strong bass line, the high frequencies of the first violins were right there."

"IsoMike; 7-26441-55591-5 (Available from KimberKable): "Drum Kit Practice": Every piece of this drum kit was perfectly imaged."

"Male Quartet": I could see each person across the sound stage. Same with "Roll Call Face In," Each person introduced him or herself across the stage. "

"The sound of this incredible instrument absolutely filled the room, and I could hear the transient attack on each string."

"The transients come from that high voltage capability, and the bass comes from high current waiting in that power supply."

"In fact, the bass was so intense, practically slamming me against the wall, I checked to see if I had accidentally left the subwoofer on."

"What other adjective is there to upgrade to?"

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