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Post Subject: Bruckner, me and the SeventhPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/17/2007

A few years ago I did not “get” Bruckner. Then, like with everything else, it changed. And of course being a compulsive feline, I can not get enough of what I like….

I admit that I listen quite a lot of Bruckner lately. There is something very meditativly-cathartic and introvertialy-liberative in his sound and in his harmonies. The Bruckner’s sound is not the bombastic and frequently annoying Mahler expressionism, it is not the syrupy simpleton-paradise of the Slav’s composers, it is not the sugary-sentimental and glitzy French expressionism, and it is not violently-inventive sound of the 20th century composers. The Bruckner sound is rich within own meaning and meaningful within own richness.

I have written in a few places about various Bruckner’s works and this thread I would like dedicate to the Seventh. It is a famous and a quite popular work and I have realized that it is what I probably played the most frequently over the last year. Among all Seventh that have (LP, CD, FM etc) here are some of my most favorite… They are very approximately ordered with the best atop, however the keyword here is “approximately”. Music is not a Olympic competition and the winners and looser in music are as not defined as in sport…. So, take my order very interpretively, knowing that the order is plus/minus 3-4 positions in my list. I would appreciate if someone would offer other interesting Bruckner’s Seventh performances.

Ah, how right was Mraviansky canceling the performance of the Seventh after that transcending rehearsal….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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