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Post Subject: The rectification experiments, it will be Schottky as well.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/15/2007

Hi Chris.

After much consideration I decided do not make one new toroidal “compromised” transformer that would be able to serve  the needs of my solid-state rectification AND damping diodes at the same time. For solid-state I need 3A/220V but for damping diodes I would need two coils with much higher voltage. It would be possible to do it in one transformer but it would be larger geometrically then I would like it to be. I have ordered the transformers for SS rectification and when (and if) I will try the damping diodes I will have a separate transformer.

For a time being my first step will be substitute my 35ns fast-soft switching FRED diodes with Schottky  on 6C33C's plate – it should be theoretically “better”.

Sometimes after that I will try the damping diodes… if I found motivations. I do feel that with input chokes, a good SS might do just fine, not to mention the diodes maintaining problems and the needs for an extra soft start… But you never know and I would like do NOT keep the damping diodes trying out of my radars. Anyhow, for a time being I will pick some of those 6CJ3...

Rgs, Romy the cat

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