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Post Subject: Warm filaments vs. downtimePosted by Paul S on: 7/14/2007

I think the issue here may be how long the gear is "off" between sessions. If it's going to be quite a while between sessions, then perhaps having some juice coursing through there would shorten bloom time.  It literally took several weeks of hard running to open up my long-fallow "NOS" ML2s, and now that I  have just moved again, I suppose I will have to go through all this again, too.  I can't say, however, that keeping my old filament-warmed AI plugged in shortend its bloom time versus per-session ramp-up, no matter how long it was between sessions.

I'm sure we've all heard that continuously running at least the filaments [at a lower voltage] lengthens tube lfe, although you couldn't prove this by me, either, since it seems to me that running the plates at, say, 20% would just dissipate the tubes that much more quickly.  One might well get just as good mileage by waiting a while before opening the throttle.

At least in terms of usual-listening-pattern sonics it has worked just as well for me so far to keep the tubes off until I want to listen and then just ramp the system up to operating voltages over a few minutes, +/- as Lamm does.

Best regards,
Paul S

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