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Post Subject: OTL for S2Posted by cv on: 7/14/2007

Well this could be very interesting.... the Melq driver (at lower voltage) direct coupled to a 6C33 cathode follower run at low voltage, high current. Vincent looks like he's running about 80V 500mA, though in this case you'd need to use a resistive load rather than aircore choke. Then you'd cap couple to the S2 using the existing Vit Q high pass.

The only issue would be that the Zout of the stage would be about 20 ohms - this may well screw the tailored frequency response you've obtained by deliberate "undersizing" of the cap relative to the acoustic x/o point. Ie the damping of the "secondary" resonance of the plastic diaphragm S2 may be off.

Here's a crazy thought... have you every tried driving the S2 directly from the Placette?! I know the 6E5p does some unique things but I wonder if it might be educational.
The placette has a 7 ohm Zout right? Don't forget that that doesn't translate into current delivery so best stick to low volume...


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