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Post Subject: Damper diodesPosted by cv on: 7/14/2007

Hi Romy

6CJ3 (or equivalent) is the one you want. Though I've not used them myself, I have pals who regard them highly, FWIW.

It has an average current rating of 350mA, but don't forget that for a given draw on the supply, the average current through the rectifiers depends on the configuration of the supply. If you use a centre tapped transformer and 2 diodes, with choke input (of course) then you can just about feed a stage drawing 500mA and stay at the spec of 350mA average through the tube.

Did you already order the iron without centre taps? Getting the centre tap well balanced is another matter as well - you want accurate turns count on each half winding and even then, depending on the type of transformer, the DCR on each side may be slightly different so you can equalise this with an external resistor.

Anyway, look forward to hearing how you get on with this and the transformer experiments.


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