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Post Subject: D-OTL vs. Kopi Luwak Coffee? How you do, Vincent?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/14/2007

 Paul S wrote:
Now I am wondering:  If we go to such trouble to have transformers wound for our particular applications, maybe we could just as well be winding our narrow band voice coils and welding them to our/their own output tubes.

Isn’t is what some elescrostas do coupling their transducers directly to the plates of some high voltage transmitting tubes? I do not think that we have this option in compression drivers as compression drivers have a very limited voice-coil mass and (derived form a typical ultra-narrow gap design) the voice-coil-heat dissipation problem.

Sure, the OTL are very “clean” and it is imposable to take it from them. It would be interesting to hear more harrow-bandwidth D-OTL (dedicated) with compression drivers. Vincent Brient  did something in that direction:

If I were him I would not go for 6C33C and that tube are crazy in OTL mode. I would rather go for 6C19P that have less power and do not “blow DC“ when it dies (as the 6C33C does).  The 6C19P sound muck less interesting in SET mode however

I do not know. I never experimented with OTL idea dedicated to compression drivers, perhaps I should. I always took OTL evaluation in a full range context and it never was successful (people do not know but I had Lamm ML2, Atmasphere and Tenor in the same room)…

Still, as I said there is something interesting lives in the “core” of output transformers. The “core” adds some viscosity and some creaminess to sound, in the same way as the coffee made by excrete of the  Palm Civet adds own “allure” to a fry water….

Rgs, Romy the caT

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