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Post Subject: The Milq’s power supplies and rectification.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/13/2007

Since adding the one-staging 3 channels have triggered the replacement of all magnetiks in the Super Milq’s power supplies: 

I was wondering if I could give a try to the idea that is hanging around my head for quite some time. In my former experiment the debate of SS rectification vs. tube rectification was won by ultra-soft and ultra-fast switching SS rectification with unavoidable following by input choke. The tubes rectification had no bass…. But it is DSET, and my single-stage HF channels will have the bass to begin with… Not to mention that I have in Super Milq individual filters for HF and LF section…

So, I very much am considering this time to implement (or at least to try) for HF channels the rectification around TV dumping diodes. I was looking for 19AU4, that it 175ma half-wave tube. There are also the 12BE3, 17BE3, 6BE3, 6BZ3 but I would like to have more powerful, at least a half amp tubes. Do anyone know any powerful TV dumping diode?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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