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Post Subject: A good candidate to try defeating the SETs?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/13/2007


I did found that PP amps were good to drive BAD compression drivers (with ceramic magnets). The irony was that the better amps to drive the ceramic magnet were not just the PP amps but the solid state PP amps. Do not ask me why – I do not know why.

Still, with the use of the average better compression drivers (let for a sake of reference point consider the JBL 2440 as a reference “average compression drivers”) there is nothing that could be less “clean” then SET.

BTW, I’m not a big fun of OTL because their very fraudulent harmonics, but I might only presume that if someone would wind very high impedance, still light, voice coil and make the OTLs do not drive DC then OTL might be a good candidate to try defeating the SETs… Still, something is VERY special "lives" sonically in the core of the SET’s transformers…..

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