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Post Subject: Vacuumstate, Cessaro and the "differential SET"...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/27/2007

Thanks, Brad, interesting feedback about the Cessaro.

It hard to look at bass within the show’s hotel rooms but since Cessaro use “closed bottom” topology for their LF solution it always, at lest in my mind, will be a room for improvement in Cessaro’s bass. What is interesting that Cessaro really do not do anything good or special - they juts, it appears so, do not do the wring things. I always say – the horns are very smile – juts do not do stupid things and the result will be fine.

I never heard the Vacuumstate. A pair of 300B in the “differential SET” application… Hm, would it sound different then a regular 300B? Juts kidding… The last “SET tandem” that I head was with a pair of 6C33C in “differential SET” pushing 45W. The amps were made by Vladimir Bazelkov, who runs a company Audio Mirror.

I do not know is too welcome this approach, I think paralleling the output tubes to get more current is better solution (the one that I do not like as well). Bu since people have no high sensitively acoustics, then what kind options do they have?....

Rgs, Romy

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