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Post Subject: That'll teach me!Posted by Paul S on: 6/23/2007
Yes, well...

VERY hot today and power was changing from good to stinking bad and back over a span of minutes, sound pumping away like a ghoulish accordian.

I used the opportunity to re-set my arm damping for the 16 Ohm taps on the ML2s, assuming I could leave it like that, and indeed, that is it, for now.  I had it like that when I got my AI dialed in, but I had gone back to 4 ohms while futzing with the K&K.  Now that it is dialed in, too, or close enough, I will stick with 16 Ohms long enough to get a handle on it and enjoy the music while I'm at it.

By evening power was cleaner and the sound and the music were wonderful; I hated to turn it off.

But the big-capped K&K is NOT immune to power problems, by any means!

That's what I get for piping up...


Now to find a "conditioner" that works with phono stages...

Best regards,
Paul S

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