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Post Subject: Caps: I don’t know why you are frustrated.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/18/2007

I'am not a big fun of the entire parafeed idea as I feel that it is a way a duplicate of DC blocking but anyhow: if your preamp uses it then what are you problem with that parafeed cap? You were writing about your changing and bypassing different caps but you never said why you do it and I never heard you expressed what was wrong with Sound with the old cap and in which direction you would like to go, at least with that cap. How do you know that the atomic sonic problems that you discribed were coming from the cap that you changed but not from the rest of the circuit? In trims of sound of the parts, a circuit sounds with characteristics of the worst and the most colored element. So if you got some problem with sound while you changed the cap then are you sure that it was the cap? Also, what do you mean the 3uF were not enough? Did you actually hear LF truncation? The cut off might be calculated by:

F = 1/(2 * pi * C * R)

How much you have now?

Anyhow, if you would like then you might try the caps that I use for all my coupling. Try to found the Elecrocube 950B or 950D. Do not even touch any other Elecrocubes – they are not worthy.

If you are not wiling to buy $500 then you can check leftover inventory (it supports the wild key search):

The Cubes 950B/D does not need any bypass. They do as good as a cap need to be and they are not large and not expensive. You might try them if you wish. I do not underwrite that you will like them but if I have the amp and if I would like to learns hot it sound I would put the 950B in there what whatever is left I would accept as the preamp’ sound.

I discover the Cubes 950B/D through Lamm – he used them in his amps as coupling caps. I got some of them tried them and like them. Then over the years I tried a large number of different, including some exotic and expensive, caps but I always went go back to the Cubes 950B/D – they have a different level of neutrality then anything else I have tried, very different from all that “immediately impressive” Hi-Fi crap…

BTW, one more thing – where the hell you found 600V in your preamp? Your 6DJ8 is a low voltage tube with probably 150-175V on plate and you have no voltage on other side. It sounds that 200V would be fine there. With 600V cap you have more dielectric in there, why do you need it?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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