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Post Subject: Notorious capPosted by Paul S on: 6/18/2007

Functionally, these are the same caps I already replaced once/twice (and wrote about) before, namely the big "parafeed" couplers.  The unit came with bypassed 4 uF Kimbers, which were fuzzy and slow, so I replaced them with 3.3 uF Mundorf Silver and Golds; then I added .82 uF Mundorfs/channel  because the 3.3s weren't big enough, although they were otherwise lots better than the Kimbers.  I wanted to add still more capacitance, to go farther in the direction I had just gone, and I figured I'd just give the Cardas caps a try (600V, 4.7 uF), based solely on KC's deadpan description/comparison of the Cardas versus the Mundorf S&Gs.  But he also said the Mundorfs are "close", which is funny, sort of, because psychos like us gladly spend thousands to get this kind and level of improvements.

And you are right, I had no reason to "believe" that the big, expensive Cardas "Golden Something-or-Other" caps would be worth a crap.  To say I took a flyer on this is an understatement.

Since I absolutely dismiss the root Cardas "scientific premise", I have no idea why these caps would/should work so damned well in this application.  But remember that I am not as put off as you are by stupid claims and misbegotten egotism on the part of rinky-dink, stuck-on-a-trick audio parts purveyors.

In fact, I am a mindless slut, and I will as always simply accept and take this for all it's worth, thankyouverymuch.

If you or anyone else gives a rat's ass (I know I don't...), the Big Deal with these particular caps is supposed to be some sort of co-mingled dielectric (Teflon and PVC, I think) that somehow "disipates energy each at the rate of its own dielectric constant", or some such unintelligible-to-me (and presumed to be bullshit) language.  Really, I can't even be bothered to look it up.

I have to say that the Cardas House Talk puts me off rather than attracting me to their stuff, and I have never even thought to use any of their other stuff anywhere in my system before, ever, apart from various smaller Cardas caps that already inhabited the interior of my phonostage when I got it.  I've actually never given them a second thought, one way or the other, past noticing they are there.

But I would not hesitate to try these particular Cardas (coupling) caps again in a similar application, or output RC.

Best regards,
Paul S

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