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Post Subject: "Mr. Witmer", sure it is not my business but….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/14/2007

I do not know what Mr. Witmer does for living  full time and it is not exactly related to the subject of this thread but if he not “too busy” than I think he is well-positioned to run quite successful business venture. He is well-spoken and prolific-enough in English and it looks like he is very fluent in Japanese language and Japanese is culture. He looks like has access to Japanese manufactures and the most important it looks like he likes to intermingle with that marketing aspects of audio….

So, if he wishes he might run some kind of “Japanese Audio Discovery Project” where he would be in epicenter of export-import operation. Sure, the venture like this are being run for years (thanks that Japan has encapsulated culture) but none of them have educational twist and none of them implement deep enough the marketing approach “day rape”. Mostly the people who discover and export the merchandises form Japans are wily Jews who found a quick way make a some money but there is not wide and broad, not to mention expensive and inclusive, Japanese so-called High End export efforts.

I’m not saying that Japanese High End is much worthy then anything else but the audio consumers are generally audio-degenerates and they will be gullible to “bite” anything if it would be flooding in a properly spiced marketing sauce…

There are some distributors who made over $800K per year piping products from Germany, Italy, Belgium and few other places… Japan is Mars compare to them and it has a lot of more potential, if not necessary sonic but Marketing. I think Mr. Witmer is slavering/humiliating himself for one on a few manufactures but instead of doing it he might lock the entire freaking maket of the “expensive” Japanese Hi-Fi, putting himself in the epicenter of the distribution. Someone who will do it with Japanese (and Chinese because of the different reasons) high-end markets will have a nice retirement packages…

Romy the Cat

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