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Post Subject: I know, the life sucks with S2 driver….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/14/2007

 RonyWeissman wrote:
The HF sound is very quick and weighty , which can be quite nice on classical guitar for examlpe, but the tone is not clear enough, meaning for example cymbal attacks don't have enough metallic ring to them, nor enough bloom, not scary enough.

The naked S2 with metal suspension goes up to 12.5KHz. Whatever it does it rolls quite sharp at 12.5KHz and it will not “die in ambianic HF infamy”. The Vitavox HF limit however should not affect musicality. The S2’ 12.5KHz are very fast and very dynamic. It is not Altec/JBL/TAD’s 12.5KHz. Also, the S2’s (metal suspension) 12.5KHz have the S2’s idiosyncratic “beneficial resonances” that makes it very different from many other drivers… The “metallic ring” that you describe might me easily modulated with a tweeter, there are some good expansive options, but I would not be looking in that direction for now if I were you. A good, metal suspension S2, even with it 12.5KHz should be sufficiently interesting sonically.

Here are a few things to consider from my experiences:

1) S2 with metal suspension is superbly sensitive to the quality of signal. Much more sensitive you expect of wish
2) S2 with metal suspension is superbly sensitive to electricity. Of other drivers juts begin to sound gray and compressed with bad electricity the metal suspended S2 increases in geometrical progression the amplitude of its “beneficial resonances”. With good SET and good electricity the “beneficial resonances” is juts a slight “kink” over the S2’s Sound. With bad electricity the S2’s “beneficial resonances” sound more like metallic dirt was spread the entire gap.
3) Do not forget to toe-off the S2 with metal suspension.
4) You might try to aquaplass the S2’s cone or to use many of the aquaplass’s substitutes.
5) I did not try year but I do feel that the Budanisatrion might be useful to try on the metal suspended S2

In the end I do not think that you experience any problems with your Driver and you have just have wrong expectations. Take any real tweeter of your chose and LOW-PASS it at 12.5KHz with 24dB per octave. You will have the very same limitation that you attribute to S2… one with some differences. With the low-passed tweeter you will be much more frustrated sonically as the S2 has “own weird puss in it” as Tony Sopranos use to say….

 RonyWeissman wrote:
I have metal diaphragms.  There is a local company that specializes in vintage compression driver cleaning/aligning etc., I will send them in for a check-up, can't hurt.

It never heard but I have witness as two California and Seattle specialists working on S2 were enable to do what was necessary - I hope you will be luckier. Still I have hard time to believe that any “mechanic” out there will align cones.  They will do it juts up to the point of “hear no auditable defects” but I hardly believe that they will peruse lower distortions or better tone. BTW, if he has that options then ask him to re-chard the magnates. It cost nothing (~$20 per driver) but it never hurt.

 RonyWeissman wrote:
It is true that occasionally i notice a little sharpness in female vocals.

Yep, it does but not the sharpness (#) in musical terms, which would mean the pitch increase of acceleration. The S2 is absolutely free from that quality. You mean the sharpness in term of abrasiveness and roughness. Yep, welcome to the club – the plastic suspension is the cure. (Pay attention that the effect is less auditable in instrumental music). I however when I finish the single-stage Milq I will attack this problem again (2345th time) and will try to use the metal suspension again…

Rgs, The caT

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