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Post Subject: S2s going for a check-up.Posted by RonyWeissman on: 6/14/2007
Romy Wrote:  Can you define what do you mean “HF is not as clear as I would like”?

The HF sound is very quick and weighty , which can be quite nice on classical guitar for examlpe, but the tone is not clear enough, meaning for example cymbal attacks don't have enough metallic ring to them, nor enough bloom, not scary enough.

Romy Wrote:  Do your S2 gaps are sterile and cleaned? What kind diaphragm you use, most likely with metal sustention if you cross it at 600Hz? Does diaphragm is aligned properly? Do not forget that improperly aligned S2 cone will have sharp tone with no bloom at lower MF – do not over-tight those 6 alignment bolts – never a good idea in vintage compression drivers.

I have metal diaphragms.  There is a local company that specializes in vintage compression driver cleaning/aligning etc., I will send them in for a check-up, can't hurt.  It is true that occasionally i notice a little sharpness in female vocals.

R Weissman

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