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Post Subject: Mysterious patterns and later thoughtsPosted by Paul S on: 5/28/2007
Wojtek, I do use 8 Ohm drivers, and I am mildly curious about the "pattern" thing.  As I said in posted responses to Bud, I +/- accept the science but suspect the implementation in this case; however,  I would be happy to give a listen, of course.

I am not sure at this point, but the K&K may be very sensitive to power grid problems.  In any case, it is not at all kind to poor recordings, and it exposes bad "music" for what it is, too, if that is a problem for you.  It will do "rock" music just fine, but it makes poorly recorded rock sound unbearably BAD.  For instance: Original English Parlophone and Decca monos sound great, but the later US Capitol and London re-mixes/presses are awful!  One good thing, I suppose, is that you can at least turn down the volume with bad records and wind up with something more like a radio, or something; in other words, it does "communicate" at that level, if that's your cup of tea.

I deliberately bought a K&K unit that is "fixed" with respect to input impedance and gain, specifically to avoid the usual compromises engendered by the "flexibility" that is generally built in to consumer products, including the Art offerings.  I also wanted the SS power supply, for its functional "stiffness", versus tubes, in this application.

And I think the "deluxe" K&K is actually the house version of the Art Vinyl Reference, rather than the 1, for whatever that's worth...

Best regards,
Paul S

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