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Post Subject: Other possible points of interestPosted by Paul S on: 5/27/2007

Perhaps I should have mentioned before that the K&K is another spin-off of the well-received Arthur Loesch RIAA network.  Also, the K&K's gain scheme is based on "classic" microphone circuits.  While I am not saying any of this amounts to a hill of beans in and of itself, I am passing on the info because these "facts" interested me over the course of my own search for a viable phono stage.

Stereo separation is very strong, indeed, which contributes to spectacular imaging with great recordiings, but it also clearly reveals poor recording techniques.  Again, fortunately, in most cases musical value tends to survive poor recordings via the K&K.

Another thing I shoud have mentioned is that the unit is quiet, just a little tube "rush" at ear/speaker-busting gain settings.  No, it's not as quiet as the Boulder...

Best regards,
Paul S

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