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Post Subject: "...Cheaper storage is better value than cheapish player" and blah-balh-blah....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/25/2007

 SearcherOfBetterSound wrote:
Why is Acoustic Solid so interesting to me? Well, it should be to most when you read stuff like a $1,600 Black Wood Classic model can beat out a $5,500 Super Scoutmaster model from VPI, and a $4,000 Solid One can compete with a TW Acustic Raven and a Verdier La Platine which can cost over twice as much. It's not just about beating out respected companies, it's just there has to be some great technical/sonic standard and scientifically/sonically advanced ideas AND, gasp, real price value implementation materials worth, marketing worth, whatever's worth, if the value is really THAT high. I get the feeling high-prices on turntables just isn't the same worth of investment as a good digital whatever...why waste thousands on it even it's better, when digital needs it more and there's a lot of CDs out there. For me, I'd probably spend $1,600 on phono, and $4,000 on digital, but I suppose I could do with around $2,000 digital....$4,000 total sources? yeah man! I wouldn't be too surprised if the Black Wood Classic would be worthy replacement for Romy's turntable setup. Acoustic Signature is related to this company too, but I've not read much about them.

On digital I'm just writing to say that I wanted to know what Romy felt on computer digital, and didn't see enough on it for some time, but I did find some old posts a bit ago and it appears that it didn't work out as good as his transport. This is for others to know, remember, consider. I guess it makes sense as the digital inspiration at Wavelength's website did only mention they used an around $10,000 transport as reference, and Romy's CEC is probably better, his whole system has to be better too. Point is I would trust to not get too enthusiastic over computer storage especially since it's harder and more expensive to do then it seems, but it's realy the hard part that makes it like that especially. Perhaps a cheaper storage can be a better value than cheapish players (perhaps DACs are more efficiently transparent to them), but for high-end, people still need more trustworthy comparisons. Now if only Romy had some Nova Audio Physics player and Empirical Audio help...
Well, searcherofbettersound

I do not feel anything about computer digital, and frankly speaking I do not exactly understand your posts, if I read them. I do not exactly “get” what you want. To course across the web site  picking superficial information and to built in your mind a virtual hierarchy of what might be “better”...  is it your definition of “being in audio”? You might spread your thinking about the quality of cooking knifes but how valuable it would be if you do not cook and has no habits or desire to cut food. Perhaps I am getting a wrong message in here, and if so then my apologues but I do not see in your posts a lot of compliance with the subject of “evolved music reproduction techniques”.  Please, do not take my reply as a criticism but rather as an optometry for yourself to nail down what you are doing.

Romy the Cat

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