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Post Subject: I'm surprised that you say thisPosted by Paul S on: 5/6/2007

And here I've been thinking that this was one of your fixed tenets all along.  It makes perfect sense to me, anyway.

Can there be any doubt that "difficult" music is mostly unbearable "reproduced" electronically?

My daughter used to love Ives, Hindemith, etc., when we had charter seats at the symphony where we used to live.  But she ran out of the room when I played the same stuff on my hi-fi, and I was pretty much forcing myself to listen, for that matter.

I now have things set so deeper music is actually more "interesting" and "desireable" than lighter fare, most of the time.

I am guessing that with your musical taste and OCD approach you have a great "portal" into even the most troubling works.  This has to be very cool, and no doubt you could make some converts, if you have the patience for it.

Like your guest said, "serious" music rarely gets so much as a nod from average folks who hear it obliquely on the radio or TV, and who can blame them!  It is only on rare occasions that I can listen to complex material, even things like late Beethoven quartets, on a crappy little system, and it only gets worse on the average big crappy system, with the worst torture being those effing "mega systems" that double as HT sound effects generators.  Gott im Himmel!

I long for the day when there is more general interest in the arts, literature, and real music.

I'm not holding my breath.

Maybe you could offer to let groups of school children come by your place for a listen twice a week...;>}.

They're not allowed to read "Catcher In The Rye" anymore, but maybe they could take in some Franck?

Best regards,
Paul S

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