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Post Subject: Macondo critique: ignite better musical interest?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/6/2007

I never thought this way but it might has own merit…

A local audio guy stopped by toady to listen the “new” Macondo. He is not too heavy in classical repertoire but he quite tolerable with classical range and “get” good music quite well. So, spending some times with Milqed Macondo he said something interesting. I played for him some unknown to him classical recordings and he was listening them attentively and engaged. After the session he observed that the music I played to him he did not know and would hardly pay too much attention to it if he heard it on radio.

However, he felt that Macondo during the pay that new for him music made so many sonically interesting “things” that he as audio guy was very much attracted initially to the sonic “freakishness” of Macondo and then, while he was observing the details of the pure Sonic presentation, he developed his interest to the musical piece itself…

I never thought this way. If so, then could some purely audio tricks (that Macondo does well in this case) be a gateway to ignite better musical interest?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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