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Post Subject: Myriad monkeys, many typewriters?Posted by Paul S on: 5/4/2007
OK, Romy, take a deep breath:

Sorry to say, it's clever as Hell.

If it makes you feel any better it was designed by some rocket scientist, or something, not you-know-who.

This is in fact a pretty cool self-balancing tank that "looks" plenty stiff to the tubes and OPT without conventional regulation.  It about has to be "fast", that's for sure.

The diodes at the power tubes appear to me to also serve as a sort of super-short local quasi-feedback arrangement.

It looks to float voltage with constant current, if that interests you.
Note that all caps are quite small, even with higher voltages, and all are perched "out of loop" at ground gates, just like your PS drawing, except here there can be no "blowback".

That has to be one hell of a main PS tranny; probably costs about the same as a car.

There's more than you want to read on the subject salted around the site.

I was all set to build a pair of these before I found my ML2s and took the easy way out ;>}

I'd like to hear from anyone who actually knows enough to comment about this.  In other words, I just pretty much shot my wad on this subject.

Best regards,
Paul S

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