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Post Subject: Floating voltagePosted by Paul S on: 5/4/2007
Romy, do you plan to float the current, too, or do you plan to keep that constant?

Is it correct to say that since all the tubes will see different loads, it may be that they will behave/react/sound differently on the nether end of the same source, or, as you have said, there remains the possibility of variable "blow-back".

But I'm guessing that you already came up with the 1,000 uF value in the supply's out links by listening?

So I'd hate to be the one to say that the lowest cap value would be the one that yielded the maximum acceptable noise under dynamic loading, and anyway it does not appear just that simple.

Why is it hard for me to picture unregulated supplies?  I am used to seeing more isolation per tube, and/or per tube tailoring, depending on OPT/load.

I am thinking of an interesting PS link I will try to locate.  It is for a multi-staged amp, but is an interesting "tank", with diodes, no caps in line, with a "stacked" ground plane.

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